Here’s What You Need To Do When Choosing A Password For Your Online Accounts


Hackers now have software and programs that can try thousands of alphabetical and numerical combinations in under a minute. What we can do is pick a password that takes forever to crack. The infographic below has combined all the great tips in a single image. There are many tips for a good password for example, using weird symbols, multi-word passphrase, using a password manager etc. Killer Infographics has put together an easy-to-read image on how to choose a strong password:

Credits: Killer Inforgraphics
Credits: Killer Infographics


Another video by Computerphile is also worth watching:

The summary of this video on Pound’s advice is this: the four-word strategy is effective and can be made stronger by using strange words and adding stranger symbol in it. The words must be uncommon but familiar to you only. Eventually, the best strategy is to use password managers like LastPass and 1Password to protect your password with hyperstrong keywords like “jigglyblubberdicot?cones” or something like that. This enables two-factor authentication for your password.

So which strategy do you use? Let us know in the comments section.

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