Here’s What You Need To Do To Save Your Life If Your Car Is Sinking Underwater

How To Escape From A Car Window

According to a survey, car accidents make up for the maximum number of deaths that occur in road accidents. These accidents are deadly and often leave families grieving. Is there any way for you to survive if you are in one? As it turns out, having an understanding of glass that is used in your car does increase your chances of survival.How To Escape From A Car Window 4

If your car falls into the sea, for every foot that you descend about 850 pounds of pressure is exerted on the car door, thus making the act of opening it and exiting the vehicle next to impossible. However, the knowledge of glass will lend you all the help you need in this scenario.How To Escape From A Car Window 3 How To Escape From A Car Window 2

The following video explains the different kinds of glass used in cars and how you can make use of this information for breaking them if you have to escape from the vehicle. Check it out and let us know what you think about it.


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