Here’s What To Do If You Delete Photos From Your Phone By Mistake

It is some peoples’ worst nightmare. You’re casually scrolling your phone while watching TV on the side and BAM! You have somehow managed to delete off your entire gallery while watching that funny ad.

Is it the end though? Is there a way to recover all those year’s worth of memories? Luckily both iOS and Android phones cater for accidental deletion.

For Android phones, Google Photos has your back. If you accidentally delete your photos, Google photos provides you with an easy way to restore them.

  • Open up the Google Photos app on your phone and tap the collapsed menu icon. Select Restore to restore any accidentally deleted photos. Google photos will have synced both photos saved with Google photos app as well those saved via any other app, so you will likely find the deleted picture over there easily.

The Google photos app normally comes with all the other Google apps. However, if it is not installed on your phone for some reason, install it right now to automatically Back Up and Sync your device’s photos with Google’s cloud.

If you wiped off your photos without Google photos on your phone, you’re in trouble. However, there are a few workarounds with variable success rates. These apps generally scan your phone’s cache for recently deleted photos and if it finds what you deleted, it will give you the option to recover your that photo.  There are various photo recovery apps for the purpose including:

  • The DiskDigger Photo Recovery app
  • Recuva
  • Dumpster
DiskDigger app
Photo: Lifehacker

If you’re an iPhone user,you’re lucky.iOS comes with a Trash Option. If you delete a photo accidentally, it does not go out the phone right away. Instead, iOS gives you a second chance.

  • To retrieve an accidentally deleted photo, scroll down through your albums in Photos and the last one you see will be called “Recently Deleted”.
  • Find your required photo in the album and restore it.

Physical Photos Still Have A Place

Deleting digital pictures can be a nightmare. However, there is a way around it. If you keep your best photos in photo books, you can avoid this problem altogether. Also, photos always look much better in person and print rather than on a screen. If you love photos and enjoy flicking through them from time to time, you’d be far better off spending time curating your photo books and having them in person. You can keep them tucked away in a drawer or cupboard, or even display them on a bookshelf. You can use them for specific albums, like certain vacations you’ve taken or maybe specific times in your life like graduation or marriage. Point being physical photos have a place still in the modern world, even though a lot of people like to store them digitally these days. Storing both gives you the best of both worlds.

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