Here’s A List of Weirdest Things Discovered From The Bottom of Water

underwater discovered

Large bodies of water are often filled with all sorts of amazing mysteries. Once something sinks into the bottom of the ocean, it is not really possible to find it again. Even something as huge as Titanic took decades to be located. Some of the sunk mysteries resurface and they are often the most unbelievable findings that anyone can imagine.

Here are some of those unbelievableĀ discoveries made from the bottom of the oceans.

The Millenium Falcon

In 2012, a 200-foot long object was discovered from the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden. No one knows what it is, but it sure looks like the most iconic spaceship in the Star Wars.

A Prosthetic Leg

Wisconsin’s Mark Warner lost his prosthetic leg in a lake while canoeing. It got worse when a beaver swam away with it. Two men eventually found the leg and received a $50 reward for their efforts.

Live Bombs

During the June of 1988, in the Lake Washington outside of Seattle, a 100-pound bomb from World War II was found. Surprisingly, the bomb was still live.

Artifacts From a Ghost Town

When a small town of Bluffton, Texas has intentionally washed away during the filling of Lake Buchanan, the “Ghost Town” took a new meaning. In 2011, relics of the town began to surface, it included a two-story hotel and several tombstones.

A Lost Public Servant

Tom Sublett was a commissioner of Glynn County, Georgia, whose body was found at the bottom of a local lake on December 1, 2012. He had a bullet hole in his head and his hands were bound, however, his death was still ruled to be suicide. Sublett has no history of drug problems, financial problems, or any similar issues that could lead to suicide.

Missing Vehicle

Two cars were found at the bottom of Foss Lake in Elk City, Oklahoma in 2013. One of these cars was a 1969 Camaro which went missing on November 20, 1970. It also had the bodies of three teenagers who’s gone missing at the same time.

The other one was a Chevrolet from the 1950s, it also had bodies of three teenagers. None of them were ever identified.

Strange Carvings

A team of archaeologists from Northwestern Michigan College discovered an object at the bottom of the Lake Michigan which has been compared to the Stonehenge. There was a carving of a mastodon, which suggests that this carving might have been truly ancient. The discovery was made in 2007.

Human Skeletons

In 1942, many skeletons were found in excellent condition in a highly elevated lake in the Himalayas, known was Roopkund. The skeletons remained a mystery till 2004. They were traced back to the year 850.

A Mysterious Mound

In 2003, researchers discovered an unusual mound in Israel’s Sea of Galilee, by using the sonar technology. The moundĀ is shaped like a cone and is 230 feet long and 32 feet high. It weighed almost 60,000 tons. Experts think that it might be of some ceremonial significance and dates back to between 2000 and 12000 years old.

Prehistoric Fossil

On February 1, 2013, researchers in Russia declared that they have found the skeletal remains of something which looked like the Loch Ness Monster. The remains were found from Lake Labynkr in the Sakha Republic. The pictures of the skeleton were not released.

Nuclear Bomb Materials

In 1944, Allied soldiers sunk an enemy ferry at the bottom of Norway’s Lake Tinn. The ferry was used by Nazi scientists to transport materials which would have helped them to build a nuclear bomb. The ferry was discovered in the 1990s.

A Creepy Chair

A Redditor once told that he was exploring the bottom of Pavilion Lake for NASA when he found this chair. The chair happens to be standing upright even though it was almost 115 feet underwater.

A Statue of Jesus

This 11-foot long and 1800-pound heavy Italian-marble statue of Jesus was found at the bottom of Lake Michigan. It was commissioned in 1956 by an Italian family who wanted to order their late son. While the trip to the US, the sculpture got damaged and the family didn’t accept it.

A local diving team decided to buy it to serve it as a memorial to deceased divers. It serves as a popular tourist attraction in Lake Michigan and can be seen from boats on the surface of the water.

An Airplane

In September 2013, a plane was found at the bottom of Lake Norman in North Carolina. There was no one inside the plane and no crashes were reported either. Later on, a local woman named Barbara Anderson claimed the plane to be her property. The flight instructor in 1974, forgot to lock the parking brakes properly and the plane rolled into the lake and sunk. It was discovered using sonar technology.

A Spooky Doll’s Head

A Reddit user claimed that he and her brother found a doll’s head at the bottom of a lake. It could have been an old doll or some other toy but some people have commented that this doll’s head might have a more demonic origin.

Human Remains

A diver exploring Cienega Springs, Arizona, came across a horrifying sight of remains of two humans. When investigated, it turned out that there was something fishy about the two bodies.

Gone are the days when buried treasures were discovered underwaters. Now it’s just the creepy stuff, be it a plane or some fake skeletons. These discoveries can indeed change history.

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