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Here Are 15 Super-Genius Solutions To Everyday Life Problems

We encounter minor inconveniences every now and then in our daily lives. But some social media users have provided with some hacks. These hacks include a calculator on the shopping trolley so that the buyer can check his or her bill before they reach the counter. There are also some traffic lights which is not only a single bulb light but the whole pole lights up.

Have a look at these genius solutions below.

Calculate your bill while you shop.

Traffic poles that enable you to view the light from a distance.

Elevator button which is 10 meters away from the elevator. By the time it arrives, you’ll get near the elevator.

Keep your spatula on the counter without it touching the surface.

This label on the sheets makes you get rid of the old-age problem of which way to put the sheets on.

Parking can be difficult but drawing lines on the walls makes it easy and helpful.

Saving Water is the agenda of this toilet which lets you wash your hands and then re-uses the water in the next flush.

Truck drivers can be warned by the use of this sign.

This foot door opener is a blessing for those who are germ conscious.

This clock timer on the top of pill bottle allows the user to see the exact time when they took their last one.

This toolset is divided into a flat-pack desk and allows a user to see which part is for which step.

Who doesn’t like free food? People can be encouraged to clean the beach for the free coffee.

The light coming through the gap of curtains is indeed a problem. But not anymore, if you have these curtain rails.

Using this water fountain, you and your dog can drink water at the same time. Stay hydrated and keep hydrated!

This chair lets you store your bag inside while you enjoy your dinner at a restaurant.