Here’s How Your Internet Service Provider Breaks The Laws Of Mathematics

We will be starting off by stating the obvious; the featured video is meant as a joke. Minutephysics is a well-known YouTube account that puts out great videos concerning the laws of physics. We are a fan of this YouTube channel because of the informative videos that it provides. However, today’s featured video of minutephysics is all about the mathematical problems that are present with Internet Service Providers.

All of us get our patience tested, in one brutal way or another, by our Internet Service Providers. However, most of us simply complain a bit and then move on with our lives. Minutephysics, however, decided to do more than just complain. The host made a video about Internet Service Providers and the laws of mathematics that they violate. It is apparent that the host’s patience has been rigorously tested by Internet Service Providers.

We were surprised when we stumbled across this video by minutephysics because this is different than the regular videos that are uploaded by the channel concerning laws of physics. The video’s description reads, ‘This joke video is about how Internet Service Providers (aka ISPs, internet companies, telecommunications companies, etc.) violate the basic axioms of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory. Like the axiom of choice (sometimes Well-ordering theorem), the Axiom of extensionality, Axiom of regularity (also called the Axiom of foundation), Axiom schema of specification, Axiom of pairing, Axiom of union, Axiom schema of replacement, Axiom of infinity, Axiom of power set.’

Minutephysics Goes Mathematical On Internet Service Providers!

The video even gets a bit philosophical while incorporating the elegance of mathematics to real life. However, the host does find a solution to the ISP problem that caused the video to be created in the first place. The video is a joy for all of the STEM lovers out there! Check it out below and do let us know what you think of it!

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