Here’s How You Can Make Speakers Using Paper And Copper Wires

DIY Paper Speakers That Can Be Built Using Copper Wires 3

If you have got some free time or if you are planning to execute some science, just for the heck of it, then here’s what you need to do; make a DIY paper speaker. It won’t, for obvious reasons, provide you with amazing music or sound, however, it sure is fun to make and test out.DIY Paper Speakers That Can Be Built Using Copper Wires 2

A YouTuber, Plusea, made a video about how you can create these speakers and actually get them to work. These speakers are miniaturized versions of a magneto-static speaker that is comprised of wires/metal strips bonded to a thin and planar surface.

The wires are responsible for carrying audio frequency currents and the interaction that takes place between the current-carrying metal and the magnet results in the generation of an electromagnetic field that subsequently, generates vibrations and produces sound.DIY Paper Speakers That Can Be Built Using Copper Wires

Plusea created multiple versions of the speaker by making use of copper tape, gold leaf and steel wire. ‘Happy Together’ tunes by The Turtles could be heard each time the user brought a tiny magnet close to the speaker’s surface. Although this invention doesn’t have much value for the audiophiles, it sure is a neat science trick that you should try.

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