Here’s How You Can Make A Rifle That Shoots Golf Balls

Using Gas And Some Tubing  He Made A Unique Propane Rifle 2

If you are a science and tech enthusiast then you’ve probably heard of YouTube user The Backyard Scientist. He enjoys trying out some fun and dangerous science experiments and as is apparent from his name; he does them in his backyard. This time around he decided to shoot some propane through a plastic bottle.Using Gas And Some Tubing  He Made A Unique Propane Rifle

Yeah, sounds insane but you should wait till you’ve seen it in action. He made use of a propane torch, simple tubing and a plastic bottle to create an amazing, futuristic rifle. The end result is so cool that you can’t help yourself but say ‘Wow’.

Well, that was wonderful to say the least. The colors that were made totally blew us away. So, who’s going to try this amazing DIY project?

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  1. himanshu Reply

    Hunting is an amazing thing but hunting from a long range is really appreciable.



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