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Here’s How You Can Have Jet Engine In Place Of Your Ordinary Ceiling Fan

When it comes to indoor decoration, people look for the fanciest and the most striking objects that can set apart their home from the rest. Usually, this doesn’t include the ceiling fans, as besides the colour matching, there are no real creative variants of this appliance. But hold up; what if I tell you that  you couldn’t be more wrong!

Phighter Images,
Pic Credits: Phighter Images,

In comes the Jet Engine Fan Blades Ceiling Fan, which is the ultimate indoor decor for every aviation enthusiast. This is a ceiling fan designed as Jet Engine Blades, which sucks the air from above and tornadoes it towards you; albeit not as fast as the real thing.

The company, Phighter Images has followed suit of Pratt & Whitney to create miniature models of the jet engine turbines, and each one costs around 3 grand USD! That is quite expensive when compared with ceiling fans, but hey, so are the real things right?

Pic Credits: Phighter Images,

Phighter Images also sell other aviation inspired decoration and furniture, such as air plane styled children’s swings, air plane shaped fridge magnets, and even aviation themed wall clocks!