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Here’s How You Can Choose A Password Like A Boss

Secure Passwords 4

With the internet being flooded with posts regarding e-bay users being made to change their passwords, we decided to make a guide for our users, which will help them choose a secure password that will ultimately keep them safe in worst case scenarios. The idea is to make the password un-hackable by any hacker. Remember, hackers will find the weak spot and shall target that, so be smart and out-think those damned hackers.

6. Password’s Length

Make use of what you are provided with; most passwords are supposed to be a  minimum of about 8 characters long and according to a research study, up to 15 character passwords are easy to remember and harder to crack. So, in a nutshell; the longer the password, the harder it will be to crack it.

5. Base Word

Base word is an idea which requires you to form a sentence, personal, and use the first letter of each word to form a base word, e.g.; I’m a civil engineer would transform into iace. Such words are hard to guess and will make your password more secure.

4. Play Around with your Base Word

Now if you feel that the base word is too easy or maybe you feel it is not so secure, then add some numbers to it, for example; iace2008. Notice how this doesn’t make any sense unless you know the key sentence. Now 2008 can be the batch year in which you enrolled or you can make it iace300, 300 representing the strength of your batch.

3. Time to bring in the Symbols

Let’s complicate that password even more, shall we? How does iace2008@300 sound? Quite complicated, don’t you think? It is all about how you want to go about it. We prefer having ‘_’ and ‘@’ in our passwords.

2. Mix it up

Most of the passwords are case sensitive which means you can keep this as a password; iaCe2008@300. Notice how a simple tweak makes it harder to guess the password?!

1. Spelling Backwards

Another perfect way to confuse the hacker is to use the words backwards, e.g.; take pace and change it to ecap. Now you can repeat tip 8-6 to make it more complicated.

We hope this guide allows you to set a password that will be harder to hack, in some cases impossible too. Just a tip; avoid using these absurd passwords if you don’t want to be hacked.

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