Here’s How You Can Build Yourself A Simple Car Using Magnets And A Battery


Magnets are one of the most useful materials in the world. They have been used in advanced technologies and engineering like MRI devices and Maglev trains. It is with the help of these small magnets that that you can build yourself the simplest car in the world!

How To Make The Car?

What do you need?

  • Some magnets
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Battery
Credits: YouTube screenshot
Credits: YouTube screenshot


Attach a round-shaped magnet to the positive side of the battery. Next, place two circular magnets on each end of the round magnet. Make sure they both point in the same direction. Lastly, make a road by spreading Aluminium foil on a flat surface. Jut put the car on the track and see it in action.

Why does it work?

The car functions because of unique magnetic properties. Magnets possess a magnetic field, when an electric current passes perpendicular to the field, it creates a torque that forces the magnet to roll and the car moves in one direction. This interesting DIY project helps you understand the direct relationship between magnetic field, electricity and mechanical force. See the video below!


The law that drives this design is the same that engineered the railgun. A railgun is a project launcher, electromagnetic in nature and makes use of homopolar motors. Current models projectile at only 2 km/s. With a magnet and current strong enough, any object could be launched in the space with the accelerating projectile of about 11.2 km/s. But no magnetic device yet can withstand that kind of current.

Give it a try and let us know how you managed to make the simplest magnetic car!

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