How To Drive A Roundabout Without Wrecking Your Nerves And Car


If you are a champion driver like me (I doubt it) this article is probably not for you. After all, rules are for the weak! But if you are one of those ignominious drivers who is a stain on the institution of driving, learning how to drive around a roundabout is a good place to start.

Many people truly suck at maneuvering the roundabouts, and this is why the Michigan police have started to encouraging motorists to understand and navigate through these daunting hurdles.  The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan State Police and the Ann Arbor Police Department have jointly launched their “roundabout enforcement project” that will run till May 1.

The plan will also entail conducting stop sand and handing out educational pamphlets at “high-crash roundabouts.”

As revealed by the police in a news release, most of the crashes occur as people fail to yield and choose an appropriate lane.

Below is a very straightforward four-step guide to conquering the monster of roundabouts, as published on

  1. Choose your lane before entering
  2. Yield to traffic already in the roundabout
  3. Yield to pedestrian in crosswalks
  4. Use signs and pavement marking to help you guide

And if you’re still lost, the video below will be a godsend!

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