Here’s How To Check If Your Account Was Hacked In The Latest Facebook Hack

If you are worried your account may have been compromised in the latest Facebook hack, now there is actually a way to check.

Facebook has itself provided a way to check if your account was breached. It has provided a link for its users’ to verify if their account was breached in the latest security breach.

A security notice from Facebook reads:

On September 25, 2018, we discovered that attackers had exploited a vulnerability caused by the complex interaction of three bugs in our system to obtain access tokens. Tokens can be used, like a digital key, to request certain information through our platform. We acted quickly to secure the site and began an investigation to determine if anyone’s Facebook information was accessed and how many users were impacted.


Check if your Facebook account was compromised:

Visiting the link will either give you confirmation that you were unaffected like shown below or that your account was targeted but your information was impacted, or that your account was both targeted and impacted.

There is no need to change passwords, however, as Facebook has already invalidated the access tokens of almost 90 million accounts that were potentially impacted by the vulnerability.

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