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Here’s How Machine Learning Is Helping Fight Cancer

Machine learning is getting diverse with every passing day and is finding various applications in so many areas. It has been adapted to be used in multiple industries such as travel, art, earthquake detection, healthcare and much more. Now it is also helping to fight one of the world’s deadliest disease, cancer. One way machine learning and artificial intelligence is contributing in this field is by predicting cancer before it happens.

The system is getting computers to solve the nearly impossible problems. In this video, Real Engineering has explained how these tools functions and how they can be used to help humanity. The video explains everything you need to know about how the ML works starting from datasets to neural networks. If you are looking for some advanced level knowledge, the clip will also suggest many online courses which can make you a machine learning specialist. Another thing to mention here is that the machine learning tools can even inherent human bias. So anyone entering in this field should take this into account.