Here’s How Freight Trains Connect The World Economy

Learn Why Freight Trains Are So Cost-Effective

Welcome to yet another amazing video by the YouTube channel Wendover Production. This particular video deals with the idea of freight trains and will explain how and why they are considered a cost-efficient and smart way of connecting the world.

Learn Why Freight Trains Are So Cost-Effective

For countries, where land is away from the ocean; freight trains are the crucial component that connects them to the world. Freight trains provide low-cost freight transport all over the world. The video will tell you in detail about how exactly do the freight trains achieve this cost-effectiveness.

As mentioned earlier, ships are considered to be the primary method that is employed for the sake of freight transportation. However, what will the countries do that do not enjoy access to the sea? Such countries will need to find another cost-effective freight method for their freight transportation needs. This is where the freight trains come in and save the day!

Learn Why Freight Trains Are So Cost-Effective

Trains are so cheap since they are super-efficient. If we are strictly talking about land-competition, then the biggest competitor of trains are trucks, right? However, trains easily win in terms of efficiency when compared with trucks. Not just the efficiency but the freight that they can move is also considerably large as opposed to what the trucks can manage. The video’s narrator states in the video while talking about how trains don’t experience a lot of friction and encounter lesser resistance, ‘Their smooth steel wheels run over smooth steel tracks.’ This means that as compared to trucks, the trains undergo very little friction.

The video further says, ‘In addition, since a train is one long line there is much less wind resistance per ton than a truck.’ The video will also delve into the logistics that are involved when you are talking about the freight train industry.

In a nutshell; the freight trains are an effective way of transporting freight all over the world in terms of cost. In fact, they are quite a well-designed system. Do check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!

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