Here’s How Elon Musk Utilizes His Time Effectively During The Day

The Famous Timeboxing Technique That Elon Musk Uses!

The biggest asset that you can possess in today’s world is the skill of time management. It does more than just help you to be the most productive version of yourself; it can enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals. Today we bring to you the timeboxing method used by Elon Musk to manage his time in an efficient manner.

The Famous Timeboxing Technique That Elon Musk Uses!

Why Elon Musk? Because he is able to manage his time so well that he is able to work 100 hours a week and is still capable of taking time out for his hobbies, fitness, and family. He is known for making use of the time blocking methods for effectively managing his time. Let’s learn how he is able to do this!

He makes use of time blocking from the very minute that he wakes up. He assigns each time block to a particular task that he has to finish on any given day. This can be used for a plethora of tasks such as eating healthy, scheduling meetings, working out, or spending time with your family. The following steps will help you make use of time blocking method to manage your time.

The Famous Timeboxing Technique That Elon Musk Uses!

Step-1 – Pick a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. The left side will be used for the time where you can divide it into every hour, 5 minutes, or even slots of 2 minutes.

Step-2 –  Mention an approximation of time that you will need for completing any particular task.

Step-3 – Make sure to have a buffer for tackling any unexpected activity or to cater to a task taking more time.

Step-4 – You are done!

Ah yes, it is indeed that simple. How does timeboxing work? You are able to manage your time in a better manner by having a task allocated to each hour of the day. This way you can also keep a task list for your day and be realistic about what you can achieve.

The Famous Timeboxing Technique That Elon Musk Uses!

Elon Musk also focuses on the ‘feedback loop.’ According to him, it is essential to think about how you can get better at a certain task, thus allowing you to improve. Moving on to timeboxing; the reason why it is so wonderful is that it allows you to combine your calendar and to-do list. By doing so, you have a clear idea about your tasks for the next two or even four or five days. It is thus helping you to organize more effectively. You are able to keep track of what you have accomplished.

What do you think of this amazing technique? Do let us know!

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