Here Is The Genius Reason Behind These Strange Patterns On Sidewalks

bumps in the sidewalk

Ever wondered what all those patterns and bumps on the road mean? While most of us assume that they are present there for making the sidewalks more grippy; these roadside features and tactile designs are a result of a very well thought out design regime to help the less able people.

Different patterns make these roads safer for people with problems like partial sightedness, little light perception, limited field of vision, reduced central vision, etc.

For example, as the video elaborates, the offset dots mean that there’s a train platform ahead or a large hole in which you can fall. Lozenge shapes represent a train platform which is on the street level. Moreover, the stripes across the path show that there are steps ahead. These patterns are often color coded using bright shades like yellow and red to make them more recognizable.

The people who are fortunate enough to be born with no disabilities don’t realize the importance of these subtle guides. However, these patterns could make the difference between life and death for the physically challenged ones!

Watch the video to learn more about these bumps on the sidewalks:



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