Watch What Happens When You Drop A 500-Pound Knife On A Toyota Prius

So you saw Megabots giant robot beat the crap out of two Prius cars a couple of days ago. That was orgasmic for many hybrid car haters, but what if I tell you there’s a bit more of the same Prius bashing action? Yes, there are people out there who hate Prius cars and everything they stand for, and they are willing to drive a giant knife through the car to prove the point!

Watch This Giant American Killer Robot Beat Up Two Toyota Prius Cars

After the build up video of USA vs. Japan giant robot battle that saw two Prius cars bashed and smashed into oblivion; the team still didn’t think it had its fair share of punishment. So they decided to create a 500 pound, 10-foot long knife and drop it from a crane directly onto the car hood!

Watch the video below as the MegaRobot team members jump for joy after the massacre! Good grief they sure have something against Toyota Prius.

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