Here Is Why USB Drives Are Buried In Walls All Across New York

Dead Drop

Recently, I was on a visit to New York to close an insurance deal. While passing through the endless blocks of banks, insurance companies, stock brokers and forex companies, I came across this strange USB jutting out of a wall. After a bit of analysis and research, I found out the real story.
Aram Bartholl is a media artist who is based in Berlin. This artist is busy creating a trail that leads from Paris to London and the trail is made up of USBs embedded in walls. Each USB that he has left in walls or other public places are empty and contain only one text file. The project is quite amazing actually and you’d be amazed at why it is being done.

Bartholl, essentially speaking, has created a peer-to-peer file sharing network that is offline and completely anonymous and located in public places.Dead Drop

A number of USB devices have been spread around the world with an open invitation to everyone to drop or find files. The user needs to simply plug the laptop.Dead Drop 2

Every USB is empty except for a text file that explains the project.Dead Drop 3

The project kicked off 5 years ago and ever since it has been replicated throughout the world where USBs are waiting to be explored.Dead Drop 4

Go on and check out what others have left hidden in plain sight!Dead Drop 5 Dead Drop 6 Dead Drop 7 Dead Drop 8 Dead Drop 9 Dead Drop 10 Dead Drop 11 Dead Drop 12 Dead Drop 13


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  1. Stupid idea and poor realization. Developer would simply made interesting website. This project actually ends up with images of poorly inserted USB flash sticks into the various walls end of story. Imagine average Joe or Jane with a line: ” I will stretch my legs today in a long walk, I should probably carry my 3, 4, 5, 6 10 pound laptop with me to injure my spine” or “I should make every effort to dig trough this 8, 12, 32 gigs of crap in order to find noting useful here”, two points for artistic expression.

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  3. Although the project it designed so that clients can write to them, so in that case, use a little common sense and don’t run any suspicious files. If you’re running Windows 7 or later, then you won’t have a problem with autorun. So if you get a virus from these things, it’s your fault.

  4. Haha in south africa theyll just break the wall down to steal the usb pfft. Could be fun though leaving hardcore porn or something on there and wait for the next guy tp get a heart attached troll level 90

    1. USB’s are pretty hardy, my husband found one while returfing an oval, it was an older one and had rust spots but it still works.

  5. Empty and contains one text file…. That’s not empty then!

    I would fear snapping the USB or the laptop. I guess this could be solved with a USB extension cable.
    The the risk of viruses would be a big concern.

    1. Yeah i carry a usb extension cable all the time in my laptop bag.. You never know when u need that to charge a phone or extend a dongle etc,,