Here Is The Muscle Car Engine Showdown From Around The World

bmw mpower enginer power

Muscle cars have been around for almost half a century with Rocket V8 being the world’s first true muscle car released in 1949. The muscle car culture still lives on to this day. Enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars fitting their cars with powerful engines and pimping their rides. Today we have rounded up some of the most powerful muscle cars from around the world. Which one do you like the most? Tell us in the comments box!

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muscle car engine showdown 9 custom car engines 00 custom car engines 0 custom car engines 3 custom car engines 11 custom car engines 15 custom car engines 111 custom car engines Muscle car engine 0 Muscle car engine 01 Muscle car engine 1 Muscle car engine 02 Muscle car engine 2 Muscle car engine 03 Muscle car engine 3 Muscle car engine 4 Muscle car engine 5 Muscle car engine 8 Muscle car engine 9 Muscle car engine 11 Muscle car engine 12 Muscle car engine 14 Muscle car engine 15 Muscle car engine 16 Muscle car engine 17 Muscle car engine 112 Muscle car engine Muscle car engine 6 muscle car engine showdown 0 muscle car engine showdown 8  muscle car engine showdown


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  2. chris Reply

    Very nice! At the age of 55, I was looking more towards the older models and you did have a few nice ones. Just wish I could have seen a lot more. Thank you.

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