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Here Is How You Can Override an Elevator To Go Straight to Your Floor!

elevator trick to get you straigh to you floor

It is tiring to be at the mercy of an elevator and its endless stops after a day’s grueling work when you just want to lie down and get some sleep. But, you have to endure each and every person who has come up before you and his destination before it finally arrives at your floor with a deafening thud. But, with this clever trick, you can make it go directly to your desired floor instead of having to wait for your turn to come. All you have to do is to fake it correctly so that the people sharing the lift don’t have a clue of what’s going on!

Now first you have to do is to keep in your mind the floor you want to go. I know every person remembers their level, but you have the number imprinted in your mind because this trick requires swift action and there is no time to waste. Once you enter the elevator, face the door and don’t wait for it to start closing. Now you will need to hold down two buttons at once so immediately upon entering press the door close button and the level you want to go simultaneously and hold them there for five seconds or more. The sign of close doors is usually two arrows pointed inwards. Once you have pressed it for five seconds, the lift will take you directly to the intended floor.

Now you get off that lift with all the courage you can muster and keep your nose held high in the air. With any luck, the capsule inmates wouldn’t have realized what you just did. Be warned, it is an unethical act and might cost you dearly in the workspace building so keep it’s use limited to emergencies only.

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