Here Is How These Expensive Cars Look Like If Cut In Half

half-cut autos11

Automobiles marketing is a lot down to stunts pulled off in traditional auto shows like in Frankfurt, New York and Tokyo. Auto companies are always in tough competition in these big markets and face cut throat competition every year, and they are under pressure to pull off some creative stuff every time. A recent trend started by some leading automakers include half-cut autos that can showcase both the inside and outside of a car with a great visual insight. It shows us what intricate geometries, mechanisms and designs lie on the inside of a shiny car. It also allows the visitors to get a more focused look inside the engine.

Here is the Audi R8 cut in half for our pleasure:

half-cut autos20

Some of the cars here are literally cut in half while others are only cut in parts to show the beast within.

Here is the Audi R8 from behind.

half-cut autos19

The cool Lotus Hybrid Evora 414 Evolution presents an amazing look. Notably, a similar car was showcased at the 2012 Geneva motor convention.

half-cut autos18

This powerful truck 2008 Dodge Ram is completely cleaved in half. Amazing isn’t it? As engineers, we would love to know more about the inside of the car without tearing it down!

half-cut autos17

half-cut autos16

The Sauber F1, or half of it I suppose

half-cut autos15

Porsche Cayman S

half-cut autos14

The new Ford Explorer assembled in half. Various angles demonstrate what’s it made of.

half-cut autos13 half-cut autos12

Luxury Aston Martin DBS Volante.

half-cut autos11

Nissan GT-R is also here

half-cut autos10

The Ford Taurus not cut in half but with the whole body removed.

half-cut autos9

The elegant Honda Insight half-naked.

half-cut autos8

Lexus Hybrid with a chunk of it missing.

half-cut autos7

Truck Ford F-150

half-cut autos6

The fastest car in the world Bugatti Veyron.

half-cut autos5 half-cut autos4 half-cut autos3

Porsche Carrera S.

half-cut autos2

And the icing on the cake is a fully disassembled Formula 1 car from engines to bolts!

half-cut autos

Awesome isn’t it? Which of the above is your favourite?




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