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Here Is How The Doctors Gave This Firefighter The Face Of Another Person

Firefighters are the ones who go into a blazing building when everyone else is trying to run out. These folks risk their lives for the safety of others and therefore it is quite heart-wrenching to see them lose their lives or to take heavy damage in the line of duty. Patrick Hardison, Mississippi-based firefighter, is one such person. Back in 2001 while responding to a huge house fire break, the roof caved in on him and the burning materials melted through his mask and his face took severe damage.

Hardison had dedicated his life to helping others owing to his kind and gentle nature.

However, in 2001 he took an injury that drastically changed the course of his life. His entire face was melted away and he lost his physical health along with self-confidence.

His emotional health took a huge blow as well, he couldn’t even bring himself to look in the mirror.

However, following the support of his family and the physicians at NYU’s Langone Medical Center, He has undergone the most intense facial transplant procedure in the medical history.

The team comprised of 100 physicians and nurses operated on him for a total of 26 hours and this hero managed to make through it without giving arise to any sort of complications.

After 14 years of that horrific accident, Patrick Hardsison was able to look at his reconstructed face for the first time!

His firefighting team from 2001 visits him every week. Hardison is adjusting to his new face and is very thankful to his loved ones and the dedicated medial team for helping him embark on this new journey of his life.

Check out the 2 video below to know more about him!

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