Here Is How Bomb Suits Protect Bomb Disposal Squad Members

bomb suit

A new bomb suit developed recently can withstand a blast from up to 3 kilograms of C4 from 3 meters away. An essential ingredient which is included in the manufacturing of a bomb suit is a material called Kevlar. It is a super strong polymer which is made by manipulating molecules so that they can bond together in parallel lines and form a solid material. A lot of energy is required to pass through this fabric because the polymer molecules are bonded so close together that it is hard to push through them.

There is also a blast plate which protects you from the shock that comes from the blast waves. It is made of steel and is cantilevered so that you can have flexibility and can bend over and reach the bottom. A suit which is not fitted correctly can affect the flexibility of the one who is wearing it. To perform the delicate task of disposing of a bomb, it is necessary that the suit fits you properly.

The outer layer of the suit is called the carrierĀ and is made of a fire retardant polymer called Nomex. This layer is resistant to heat. When it comes to gloves, they are not involved since a bomb disposal squad requires precision more than protecting their hands. The more dexterity a man has, it is less likely that the bomb will go off. Watch this video to see how this bomb suit will protect theĀ one wearing it.

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