Here Is Everything Elon Musk Plans To Do By 2030


Elon Musk has literally inserted himself into every field possible. From electric cars to transforming underground transport and all the way to settling on another planet. Let’s take a look at the impossible goals that only he can set for himself all the way to 2030.

He has Tesla for electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions. Then there is SpaceX with plans to settle on Mars. He’s working with the Boring Company to make his Hyperloop. He is involved with OpenAI for the development of conscientious AI. Finally, he has started Neuralink to augment the human brain’s capabilities.

Musk’s nearest goal is only a couple of months away. In March, he announced that he plans to build the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in Australia in just 100 days, otherwise, it will be free. The countdown started in September but it was already halfway done by the end of that month. Musk also promised to begin deliveries of Tesla’s improved SolarRoofs by the end of 2017.

(Source: Tesla)

2018: Tesla Model 3 production has hit some setbacks and Musk’s top priority is to get that back on track by hitting 5,000 cars per month by March. Tesla has also promised to update their autopilot self-driving car software. This would be a step closer to reaching the level-5 autonomy before 2020. A solar and wind farm project in Australia is also expected to be completed by 2018.

2019: The Electric Semi Truck revealed by Tesla¬†will begin production in 2019. Tesla will also unveil an electric pickup truck around the same time. It has been hinted that a compact SUV called Model Y would be launched along with Tesla’s flying Model F. The tunnel transportation system has not been given an exact timeline but based on the speed of the work being done, we can assume that it will be somewhere in 2019.

2020: The Tesla Roadster 2.0 which was a surprise announcement along with the semi truck is set to release in 2020. If Model 3 production is on schedule, there should be one million of these vehicles per year by 2020. Tesla vehicles should also have reached the 1,000 km mark on a single charge by then to add to the Tesla fleet mobility service.

(Source: NBC News)

2021:¬†Even though it is planned to launch the Tesla gigafactory in China in 2020, it looks as if it might be pushed to 2021. This goes with the country’s plan to have more electric vehicles on the road by 2030. Tesla is also planning to put 1,000 supercharging stations in China.

2022: This is going to be a big year as it is the year for the planned cargo mission to Mars on the revamped BFR. This reusable rocket will replace others as the standard for SpaceX missions to reduce the cost of space travel.

2024: This is another big year for humanity as Elon Musk plans the first crewed mission to Mars. SpaceX might also launch inter-city transport on the earth to earth version of the reusable rocket BFR.

Apart from these deadlines, there are a number of plans that do not have a deadline as of yet like the hyperloop and Neuralink which aims to merge the human brain with artificial intelligence. One thing is for sure that Elon Musk has his hands full for the next couple of decades but it might not be surprising to see him take on even more projects.


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