Here Are The Two Most Useless Features On Cars

Here Are The Two Most Useless Features On Cars!

Have you ever wondered about the usability of various features on the car? While some have obvious uses, the others require some knowledge to understand how to use them. However, are there any features that exist solely for the purpose of existing? Yes, we are asking if there are any features that you think are useless in a car? Well, to be precise; features that are actually useless. Check out the two features that are totally useless!

Chromed Or Mirror-Finish Items

Here Are The Two Most Useless Features On Cars!

We all know that car manufacturers love to install items with chrome finish or mirror-finish. The issue? Sometimes there are design flaws that can make such items quite dangerous. For instance, older Honda Pilot featured a chrome logo of Honda on the steering wheel, and at the right angle of sunlight, it gives off a glare strong enough to cause an accident.

Sun-Roof In Tropical Countries

Here Are The Two Most Useless Features On Cars!

Imagine being in a country that is as hot as Pakistan or India. Would you in your right mind ever bother opening the sun-roof? We don’t think so! Yet the feature is touted as a luxury item in the countries. Reminds of Russel Peters’ following video;

Do you have something to add to this list? Do let us know! However, before we conclude this; you must understand that car-manufacturers spend a lot of time and resources on designing the automobiles. Every part of your car has a reason for being there. While you might find it useless in a particular situation, doesn’t mean that there is no reason for having it there in the first place. For instance, many complain about safety features such as On-Star or the fact that cars will give an audible warning when you are using park assist feature. However, all those features exist to make it easier for people and more importantly makes it safer for people to make use of cars.

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