Here Are The Free Wi-Fi Passwords Of Airports Around The World In A Single Map


To wait at the airport for long hours is a pain in itself. Add the ordeal of having no open internet connection, and you have got yourself a deal breaker. Lucky for us, one clever guy came up an ingenious method to do away with all of our elitist anguishes and struggles.

Anil Polar, who is a computer security engineer and travel blogger launched an interactive map which hosts WI-FI passwords of all airport networks around the world. Just open the map and click on a specific airport, the information will be available instantaneously! Polat also updates this map regularly, and currently, the useful resource has information on over 130 airports across the globe.

The creator of the map has also programmed a downloadable offline version so that you can use it whenever you don’t have a connection.

You can click on the airports below to reveal their Wi-Fi passwords below!

Have you ever had to suffer the frustration of not knowing the password of the airport during your travels? Comment below!

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