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Here are Ten Innovative Umbrella Designs That You Would Not Have Seen Before

Innovative Umbrella Designs

It is the age of innovation and we are witnessing a rising trend in DIY projects and improvements in existing designs of everyday use items. The key idea is to bring out more efficient and reliable gadgets to the consumer market. Having said that; what is this article about? We have put together a list of umbrella designs which are, essentially speaking, new innovations and have been designed while keeping one aspect or another in mind. However, all agree on one point; the conventional design needs to be updated in order to bring something more useful to the market. Anyway, read on and enjoy the list!

10. The Upbrella

The issue with a rainy day and a crowded street is quite frustrating indeed; you’ll keep knocking your umbrella into others’. However, this design hopes to change that by bringing an umbrella that is capable of extending higher than the rest of umbrellas.

9. Rainshader

Once again this umbrella is designed for your safety and comfort when you’re taking a stroll during rain on street.

8. Goggle Umbrella

Here’s a simple solution to heavy rainfalls which your conventional umbrella is not capable of handling.

7. The Senz Umbrella

When those windy days come with rain you’d definitely want one of these!

6. Umbuster

Whoa, things just got real, self protection is a must even when it’s raining.

5. Forecast Umbrella

Here’s a smart umbrella which is capable of forecasting the weather for you via Wi-Fi.

4. The Rain Shield

Bring it on rain – I’m Ready; this will be your slogan when you own this.

3. Isa Brella

Here’s an umbrella designed like a wine bottle. Yeah, weird.

2. The Unbrella

A rather unique take on the design; but seems to work just fine anyway.

1. Nubrella

Looking for something more solid? You need to look no more; check out this bad umbrella which will do everything for you.