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Here Are Some Predictions From Back To The Future Movie That Became A Reality

Most of the readers have watched Back to the Future, the famous movie series that was based on time travel. Marty and Doc – the famous characters – crashed future in Back to the Future II and we are here to look at the predictions that were made in 1989 about 2015 and how close we are to their fulfillment.

Cars Of The Future

Flying cars were featured as the highlight in the movie along with the demonstration of vertical take-offs, however, it seems like we are still not exactly there. Although a number of companies are working on this approach, there’s still some time left before their products find their way into the mainstream market.

Another prediction was about throwing rubbish into the car and using a converter to provide the car with power. Still a work of fiction, however, efforts are being made in this direction and vehicles are being powered with waste. Bristol and Bath have just recently begin operation of buses that are powered by treated food that has been thrown away and sewage. Other efforts are being made for converting agricultural waste into petrol supplements.

The movie also featured paying for a taxi ride using a thumbprint and if you look at the essence of it, we’re already doing that via Uber, Hailo and multiple other pick-up services that you can order online and pay online as well.

And finally, the hoverboards! The movie’s famous hoverboard chase scene was the fantasy of many geeks and tech-savvy folks. Lexus unveiled a functional hoverboard back in August, 2015. However, it needed a metal track under it to remain in the air. Another competitor is Hendo, based on somewhat similar magnetic technology.

Wearable Technology

We are still some years away from Marty’s talking jacket and yes our clothes still can’t blow dry us after we get wet but a lot of fashion pioneers are tweaking clothing using electronics.

Nike has created the self-lacing shoes similar to the ones wore by Marty in the movie and in fact even sent a pair to him. The message-flashing police hats in BTTF have inspired the tweet-displaying dresses.

Robots And Drones

Yes, drones are here. In fact, there are applications that are wider than what was foretold by the movie. The movie also featured a mechanical car fuel attendant and Netherlands carried out testing of a similar system a few years back (TankPitstop Project) while Tesla is building something similar as well.


We have the 3D technology to make the movies look awesome and amazing but thank heavens that we have been spared the Holomax Jaws.

BTTF was spot on when it talked about home entertainment. McFly’s home had a roll-up flat screen and LG’s flexible displays are almost the same if not better. While we are talking about TVs and screens, voice-controlled televisions have become a reality already – thank you science!


There was no smartphone, however, the smart glasses were featured in the movie. The smart glasses are being taken up by a number of companies and they seem to be doing just fine for the time being.

The BTTF featured a video chat, similar to Skype but most of such communication took place via TV instead of a handheld device. A campaigner working on trying to restore the Hill Valley’s clock tower does seem to be making use of a tablet in the movie.

Computer Controlled Door lock

BTTF featured a computer-controlled door lock that was recently created by Yale and is amazing to say the least.

So these are some of the predictions from the movie that are actually turning out to be a reality.