Here Are 5 Ways You Can Have A Smarter Brain

We have seen people working day and night to build their bodies. But, what are we doing to build our brains? Here are five ways you can have a smarter brain.

1. Sleeping Is Important:

The brain requires a lot of energy to function and if you are tired or exhausted all the time, your brain won’t be able to learn and improve. Studies show that not getting enough sleep can lower your IQ. So don’t compromise on sleep. A well-rested brain is a smarter brain.

(Source: Sites at Penn State)

2. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Reading:

Reading exposes the mind to new ideas and not only improves your vocabulary but also makes you more articulate. It provides you with the tools to be better equipped to hold an interesting conversation. It also improves your communication skills and expands your analytical skills. You don’t have to bore yourself with just scientific journals. You can dive into the magical world of Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings.

3. Eating Healthy:

As they say, you are what you eat. Brain function is greatly influenced by the food you intake. Foods with high nutritional values like walnuts are known to improve brain function. Fish like Tuna and Salmon are high in fatty acids and are known to help neuron functions.

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4. Keep A Journal:

If people like Isaac Newton, Einstein, and Thomas Jefferson can keep a journal, what’s your excuse? A person gets a million thoughts a day and sometimes if not noted down at the right time, they are lost forever. The habit of jotting down details goes a long way in improving brain function.

(Source: Steemit)

5. Play Games:

Playing games is important. Our brain gets lazy when it thinks it has mastered something. Playing games like Soduko or other brain teasers can keep the mind active. Apart from these, physical games are important as well. To keep a healthy mind, you need to have a healthy body.

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