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Here Are 9 Places You Don’t Want To Visit As A Tourist


Are you planning a vacation? You will find many lists that will talk about places you should visit and this list is not one of them. This is a list of places you shouldn’t be visiting during your vacations. Take notes people and check out the list below!

9. Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan

Back in 2001, a new island was formed on Caspian Sea owing to increase in volcanic activity. The island was formed right next to hundreds of mud volcanoes that are known to go off every 20 years and shoot flames of ‘hundreds of meters into the sky’ when they do go off, depositing tons of mud into the immediate area.

8. Izu Island, Japan

The Izus are basically a bunch of volcanic islands located off the southern coast of Japan’s Honshu Island. They are part of Tokyo, however due to being highly volcanic, the air is filled with odor of sulfur and residents had to be evacuated twice – once in 1953 and then again in 2000. Inhabitants are required to have gas masks on them at all times.

7. St. Helena

This place has no functional airport and served as Napoleon’s imprisonment area. The only way to get on or off the island is via the container ships that come from South Africa and only visit every few months.

6. Ilha de Queimada Grande, Brazil

This islands is full of thousands of snakes and the name translates into ‘Snake Island’ literally. It has 1-5 golden lanceheads per sq. meter.

5. The Zone of Alienation, Ukraine

This is a 19 mile long decommissioned perimeter that surrounds the grounds of Chernobyl incident. There are a few hundred residents who refused when it came to moving and no one is allowed by the government to enter this area.

4. Ramree Island, Burma

Welcome to the home of thousands of saltwater crocodiles. In case you didn’t know, these crocodiles are considered to be the deadliest in the world. But if you thought that crocodiles are the only feature of this giant swamp, you were wrong. We have mosquitoes ready to deliver malaria and venomous scorpions as well.

3. Alnwick Poison Garden, England

The Alnwick Poison Garden is exactly what you inferred from the name; a garden full of plants that mean instant death.

2. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This patch is an immobile and gigantic mass of waste out in the middle of the Pacific. Its size has been estimated to be larger than the state of Texas and it is composed of chemical sludge, plastic bottles and all other kinds of debris.

1. Buford, Wyoming

It has only a single resident – Yeah. Just one. To top it all off, it is located in the middle of Wyoming – the least populated state in the union.