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Here Are 5 Smartphone Tricks That Will Help You Take Better Photos

Smartphones have become a necessity of life while winning at being a merger of multiple gadgets. You can now play games on them, play music, watch videos and use them as a camera as well. Now it is amazing to see the power that these cameras pack, however, usually you would end up with shaky video or blurred images. Although a number of add-ons may help with that, you might want to check out the following DIY hacks before you buy any such add-on.

5. The video link will help you to come up with a DIY stabilizer rig that can, apart from stabilizing the video, impart LED lighting to the scene thus improving the light quality.

4. You will need an old point-and-shoot film camera along with some cardboard and sticky tack to create a macro lens that will allow you to take amazing pictures. Simply remove the lens from old camera, stick the sticky tack around the lens and then affix it to the phone, now you need to cut a cardboard frame to keep the lens in place. Voila!

3. This video will teach you how to make a sun screen from a coffee container for days when sun is too bright.

2. Use a tripod with two binder clips to make selfie taking easier!

1. Here’s how you can get a 360 degree time lapse tripod. Fix an egg timer to a regular tripod and then fix the phone to the timer.