Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The iPhone 8 Instead of iPhone XS

iphone 8 vs iphone XS which is better and why

Apple has recently released its new iPhones, but there are still many attractive features in its older devices. An additional advantage is that they are now cheaper than before. Apple dropped the prices of some of the older devices after the announcement of the new ones. The most expensive iPhone has crossed $1100 while you can get the iPhone 8 at around $600.

Price is not the only thing which makes you love the iPhone 8, the design and specs of the phone are competing with the latest phones. Here are some reasons you should consider buying an iPhone 8 instead of investing your money in a $1000+ device.

Low in Price

You want an affordable phone with latest and up-to-date specs. The iPhone 8 is a great option. It starts at $599 or on monthly payments of $24.95. If you want more storage of 256 GB instead of $64, it will cost you $749. Still a better deal than iPhone XS, no?

Water Resistant & Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 is compatible with Qi wireless chargers. It is also water resistant in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone XS is a little more water resistant though. It can stay submerged in 2 meters of water for 30 minutes.

Lighter and Thinner

iPhone 8 weighs less than the iPhone XS. It also is thinner than the latest phone. The iPhone 8 weighs 148gms and has 7.3mm of height while iPhone XS has 177gms of weight and a height of 7.7mm.

Home Button & Camera Scanner

This is not the latest technology but is widely used all over the world. It has a fingerprint scanner to unlock the device. Apple removed the home button and fingerprint sensor to promote Face ID technology. The iPhone XS also is using face ID.

Advanced Camera

iPhone 8’s camera lacks some features which are included in iPhone XS camera. However, the iPhone 8 still has a great camera. The front camera has most of its specs similar to the iPhone XS.

Before you go and purchase a device which will cost you a fortune, you should check out the differences between both the devices. Since there is not much difference, you can easily make up your mind about what do you want.

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