Here Are 5 New Technologies That Are Coming In 2016

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We are always bragging about technologies that we will get to see in 2030s and 2040s, many of which will probably remain concepts and don’t advance anymore. But, now and then we do get incredible leaps in tech and the result is in our palms within no time. VR technology and 3D touch are a few of these advancements that did break the barrier in recent times and blossomed. Here are five of the most realistic techs that will probably find its way into public’s hands in 2016:

1. Wireless Fast Charging Technology

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Wireless charging is available in many smartphones like Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 5 and above as well as Motorolla Droid Turbo 2. However, it is still very limited to flagship mobile phones only. Now fast wireless technology can become part of our everyday lives. In laptop charging, monitors, earphones and what else. Finally, we will be able to live without cables!

2. Force Touch Technology

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This technology was adopted by Apple in the latest iPhone 6S, Apple Watch and Macbook in 2015. It has the unique ability to sense the force difference between a tap and a harder press on the screen. With the help of it, you can do multiple commands instead of having the same for a tap and press on other phones. This technology will no doubt cross barriers and other smartphone companies will coming with their own brand of force touch as well.

3. Better Smartwatches

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Wearable smartwatches have been in and around for a few years but most of their application is limited. With enhanced user interface and smarter sensors, we will have better smartwatches that will be able to get more things done than ever. Possibly even a holographic display? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

4. Modular Devices

technologies of 20162

The ARA project from Google is the quest for a real practical modular device. We can upgrade it’s removable parts as the technology gets better and we don’t have have to buy a new phone or to that matter, every new tech that is in the market just to remain current. It will also br very economical for all of us. LG G5 will also have limited modular capacity in a different manner.

5. Mobile Projector

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We have been hearing about a possible mobile projector since the times of iPhone 3. There have been concepts and concepts but no concrete product was offered from any company. Could we be the sixth time lucky this year around? We surely hope so. It will make classroom learning much easier and cheaper too.

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