Here Are 20 Uses Of Table Salt That You Did Not Know Before

Twenty uses of salt14

Most of us limit the use of ordinary table salt to the kitchen and maybe a few cheap industries but in reality, Salt finds it’s uses almost everywhere around us from cleaning utensils, clothes and even the floor to getting rid of snow in the winter. Here are twenty uses of salt that you probably didn’t know:

1. Cleaning Clogged Drains

Twenty uses of salt20

Pour a cup of salt, half a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda down the dirty drain. Wait ten minutes and pour hot boiling water down it. It should be unclogged easily if the stuff clogging it was organic.

2. Get rid of stains in your Coffee pot

Twenty uses of salt19

You just have to put four spoonfuls of salt, a cup full of crushed ice and some water inside your coffee pot and swirl it around for some time. The stains will be gone in a matter of minutes.

3. Cleaner eggs

Twenty uses of salt18

Now you can avoid the grease splattering all over by adding a pinch of salt inside.

4. Cleaning up Stove messes

Twenty uses of salt17

Sprinkling salt immediately after your pot spills over can make the future cleaning much easier and swifter.

5. Getting rid of grease stains

Twenty uses of salt16

Make a mixture of one part salt and four parts rubbing alcohol and your grease stains on your overall will be gone in a flash. For more delicate clothes, sprinkle salt on it and let it soak up the grease. Then you can proceed with regular laundering.

6. Mosquito bites

Twenty uses of salt15

Rub some salt water on the bite and it will reduce the irritation and help you avoid scratching it.

7. Deodorizing shoes

Twenty uses of salt14

Sprinkling some salt on your dirty sports shoes can help get rid of the filthy smell.

8. Getting rid of grease fire

Twenty uses of salt13

If there is some grease fire on your stove, don’t throw water on it. Rather keep some salt nearby and douse it in flames.

9. Avoiding ants trouble

Twenty uses of salt12

Ants don’t like walking over salt so that’s why you can create barriers over areas you don’t want ants entering.

10. Extending life of your toothbrushes

Twenty uses of salt11

Soak toothbrush in salt brine and it will increase the life of its fibres.

11. Keeping windows free of frost

Twenty uses of salt10

Wipe your car windows with salt water before the long night and you will find it good to go in the evening!

12. Clean Wicker things

Twenty uses of salt9

Clean your wicker brooms and even furniture by dousing a stiff brush in a solution of half cup salt and one gallon of warm water.

13. Cleaning cutting board in the kitchen

Twenty uses of salt8

Clean your cutting board by adding some salt to a lemon slice and wipe the board with it. It will come out looking much better.

14. Cleaning dirty pans easier

Twenty uses of salt7

Soak extremely revolting pans by soaking them in salt water and then washing them with detergent.

15. Lessing the irritation of bee sting

Twenty uses of salt6

Wetting a bee sting and covering it with salt will lessen it’s irritation. But, never use this recipe for wasp bites! They are of different nature

16. Cleaning your fridge

Twenty uses of salt5

A mixture of hot brine can be very effective in cleaning your fridge.

17. Cleaning your iron

Twenty uses of salt4

Sprinkle salt on a piece of paper and run your iron at its hottest setting across it. Most of the grime will be cleaned in a flash.

18. Making candles drip a lot less

Twenty uses of salt3

Soak your candles in a salt-water solution for a few hours and as a result, they will drip wax much less.

19. Polishing silver cutlery

Twenty uses of salt2

A mixture of baking soda, salt, water and vinegar can make your cutlery look good as new.

20. Clean dirty sponges

Twenty uses of salt

Clean your messy sponges by soaking them overnight in a salt-water solution with 1/4 cup salt and one quart of water.

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