Here Are 20 Insane Facts About The Human Body

Human Eye

The human body is one heck of a scientific marvel. It is known to remain alive without food for up to 15 days, store extraordinary amounts of data in our subconscious and can adapt to changing environment like no other. Here are 2o insane facts about the human body that your probably didn’t know before:

1. The brain doesn’t feel pain itself. The brain processes the feeling but doesn’t actually feel it.

2. Women are better at smelling things than men. Women are evolved to have a stronger sense of smell.

3. Babies are stronger than oxen. One a pound-to-pound basis, human babies, are much stronger than oxen.

4. A higher IQ equals multiple dreams. A higher IQ can help you fight mental illness and even take dreams to a whole new level. Some people are even smarter in dreams than in reality.

5. You have a unique body odor. There is a reason your guard dog will attack an identical twin of his owner.

6. A human sneeze can exceed 100 mph! Human sneezes can break the speed limit on their own! You should avoid suppressing it because it might damage your insides due to this kind of pressure. 

7. The nose can remember 50,000 unique scents. Nose is a very sensitive organ indeed apart from the physical weakness.

8. You have a lower hearing function when you are overeating. So, overheating can reduce your hearing ability. Consider eating healthy and your hearing will be fixed.

9. Babies always have blue eyes when they are born. Each baby has blue eyes before it is born. It takes exposure to UV rays to make the real pigment appear.

10. The brain operates on just 10 watts of power. Brain, which is man times more powerful than the best super computer ever made only operates on ten watts an hour!

11. Your feet alone can produce a pint of sweat each day. There is a reason feet are smelly after a day’s work.

12. The amount of saliva you generate may end up filling two swimmings pools at the end of your life. Saliva is a part of digestion, and it is made in large quantities by the salivary glands.

13. You probably pass gas 14 times a day. It’s natural ladies, don’t blame us!

14. The brain consists of 80 % water. Yeah from the inside, we are all watery and fluid. You need to be properly hydrated to have optimum control over your brain.

15. You are taller in the morning. Throughout your day, the cartilage is compressed and as a result, you are about 1 cm shorter each day.

16. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. That’s why a tongue can break hearts with a few strikes! Not good for lifting weights, though!

17. Right handed people outlive left-handed people by nine years. Statistically speaking, right-handed people are likely to live longer.

18. It takes more muscles to frown than smile. So it’s true, It takes less effort to be happy than skeptical!

19. The pinkie toe’s evolutionary purpose is under threat. Now that we don’t have to walk barefoot anymore, the pinky toe’s evolutionary purpose is at risk. Maybe it will cease to exist after a couple of thousand of years.

20. Sex can relieve you of pain. Pain is always used to avoid sex. It can actually help relieve you of pain to some extent.

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