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Here Are 19 Indian Engineering Fails That Will Make You Laugh For Hours

To err is human; however, there must be a limit to which extent you can screw up a job, right? We have compiled a list of 19 Indian Engineers and Architects who managed to fail spectacularly at their job! Check it out and let us know what you think of the list.

19. Footpath with speed bumps.

18. Staircase to nowhere!

17. Supreme Court of India – Aerial View

16. A minute has how many seconds now?

15. Welcome Monsoon.

14. Beware of the tree.

13. When you give a task to an engineer who isn’t very good at job.

12. Physics? That’s for dumb.

11. Train accidents explained.

10. Toilet socialization.

9. If you’re super-tall by any chance!

8. Measurement failure.

7. Measurements? Nobody got time for that.

6. How do doors work?

5. Take a hike!

4. No pooping!

3. This is safe, right?

2. Well, great!

1. How does it work again?