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Here Are 18 Amazing Things You Can Make Out Of Used Tins

Tin cans hardly serve any other purpose once their contents have been consumed. What follows is a list of amazing crafts you can make instead of recycling these tin cans. Check out the list and let us know what you think about it.

18. You can play tin can toss for quite some time!

17. Tin can telephone still rocks!

16. Organize your bathroom cabinets.

15. You won’t knock a drink over anymore if you make these holders.

14. Check out the pallet garden that is perfect for a mini backyard.

13. Here’s another great use.

12. No garden space? Well, here you go.

11. Make cute planters!

10. You can keep the children’s craft supplies in them as well.

9. You can use coffee cans for organising a small office space.

8. You can make a utensil holder for the buffet or backyard BBQ.

7. This amazing wine rack looks like the work of a professional.

6. For picnics, you can stuff cans with stuff and put a label on them.

5. You can line your walkway using these luminaries to avoid tripping at night.

4. You can make tin can tea lights and mount them up in a room.

3. A lamp for the side table would impart a bit of a rustic charm.

2. You can also create a baby’s crib that is colorful.

1. You can make a wind chime by collecting various sizes.