Here Are 15 Weird Facts That Are Actually True

15 Weird Facts16

We are the masters of introducing you to facts that are overwhelmingly weird and seem untrue. With little or no context at all, these one-liner facts blow minds out of proportion before we can conjure up some explanation for them. So continuing with the tradition, here are fifteen of these facts that will test the limits of your imagination and sense of reality:

1. Human beings can survive up to ninety seconds in a vacuum!

15 Weird Facts16

Yes, this one is true. We can remain alive for more than 90 seconds in Vacuum, but even if we are saved halfway en route, the chances of recovery are very slight.

2. Mexican Scientists uncovered a way to turn tequila into diamonds.

Whoa. No wonder they don’t share it with anybody else.

3. Wasps have caused two spectacular plane crashes and killed more than 200 people!

15 Weird Facts13

There is a reason behind the rise of wasp-phobia!

4. A single tree or a whole Forest?

15 Weird Facts12

Trees can have common roots and the aspen trees in Fishlake National Forest, they all have the same root system underground.

5. 27,000 trees are cut down each year to provide for silly tissue papers.

15 Weird Facts11

Handkerchieves anyone?

6. 24 rabbits were introduced to the Australian wilderness, they mated and produced billions of offsprings in the next decades!

15 Weird Facts10

Rabbits do what they are best known for!

7. Penguins Can Drink Saline Water

15 Weird Facts9

Penguins have special glands that separate the salt from the water. Too bad we don’t have those, eh?

8. Not Swinging arms during walk gives you a much better workout

15 Weird Facts8

Restricting your arm limits your motion so that more energy is spent on running at the same speed.

9. A teaspoon of matter from Neutron stars (Collapsed stars) weighs more than Mount Everest

15 Weird Facts7

Neutrons stars have huge concentrations of mass due to star collapsing of its gravitational field. Their size is minuscule as compared to the original star.

10. A Brazilian prison uses geese as alarm system

15 Weird Facts6

These cute alert birds can detect a possible invasion from a mile away. They also make loud quacks when disturbed even slightly.

11. All the Oreos ever produced, if stacked together, can go to the Moon five times over.

15 Weird Facts5

That’s a lot of chocolate and biscuit!

12. Brain Uses twenty percent of your energy every day.

15 Weird Facts4

The brain takes a significant share of your food intake every day. 20 billion thinking cells deserve that much!

13. Every person has a unique smell. Except for twins!

15 Weird Facts3

Don’t start sniffing around to prove this!

14. The first packet ever to have a bar code was Wrigley’s gum

15 Weird Facts2

Yes. The gum manufacturers are always ahead of the queue.

15. If you have frequent dreams, you IQ is much higher!

15 Weird Facts

Don’t go off sleeping too much. It won’t increase your brain power.

So here are all the facts. Hope you liked them. Which one did you like the most?



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