Here Are 13 Amazing Scientific GIFs That Will Leave You Astounded


There are numerous scientific phenomena that seem to defy the very basic laws of the discipline itself. When we see these mind-blowing acts done, we think some photoshop or graphics altering skills are at display. But, we are wrong. Science is a wondrous field and the people who understand and practice it, experience some jaw-dropping effects in their experiments even if it isn’t visually brilliant like the ones I am about to show you. But, whether they are mathematical wonders or insane visual marvels, science will continue to amaze us in every way.

Here are 15 of the amazing science GIFs that will make it interesting for you beyond doubt!

1. A slinky falling down in slow motion!


The slowed down GIF of a falling slinky shows the gravity-defying act of the toy. It simply ignores it.

2. A giant tongue arises out of nowhere


Gene Simmon’s tongue is made possible by the chemical reaction.

3. The domino effect


Watch this amazing Domino effect that is triggered by a block smaller than a biscuit.

4. Free whitewash in a blast


Demonstrating experiments. It will be fun they said.

5. Unearth demons in your lab


What kind of sorcery is this?

6. Orange LED in Liquid Nitrogen


The light has changed its appearance and aura due to the increase in band-gaps. We can even see it transforming from one bandwidth of light to other. It is beautiful to look at.

7. Hydrogen peroxide and Potassium Iodide


Amazing mushroom cloud type thing arises when these two interact with each other.

8. Liquid Nitrogen and Ping pong balls.



9. Hydrophobic sand placed under water.


It just doesn’t like the feeling of the universal solvent. It comes back to liquid form when exposed to atmosphere.

10. Putting Out candles with Carbon Dioxide


Well that we do when we blow candles out.

11. Deflecting a water stream by a charged rod


Hydrogen bonding creates stronger dipoles!

12. Nitroaniline and the Beanstalk


Its crystallization is fast and vertical.

13. Flammable gas lit in a jar


Preferably one that is not explosive in nature. This gas slowly consumes itself once it is flamed.

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