Here Are 14 Jobs That Will Soon Be Taken Over By Robots


It is dreaded that the increasing population of robots all over the world would make people lose their jobs when the robots would replace all human effort. In today’s world, we see that robots have taken up the responsibilities of assisting house wives with routine chores, performing surveillance jobs, guiding customers in retail stores, etc. Movies have also given us the exposure to what the robots are actually capable of doing; for instance, we saw in Interstellar how robots took care of humans in space. But how seldom have we realized that if we start depending on robots who have no human errors, they will soon replace humans in all kinds of jobs? Here is a list of jobs in which we think robots can actually replace humans.

1- Writers


It is time for all the writers to feel a bit insecure because robots are up for taking their jobs as writers. Some marketing companies are already getting their content written by digital robot writers who write the content without any potential errors.

2- Waiters


This robot named Baxter is manually programmed and it can do a lot of tasks, such as taking orders and serving food at restaurants.

3- Dealing with Real Estate 


This is one of the tasks that is unpopular as far as robots are concerned, but this is something robots are really good at. We might soon see robots greeting us at vacant properties, guiding us through the building and giving us a tour of the property.

4- Doctors


IBM owned Watson is one of the robots that specializes in diagnosing different diseases and providing excellent prescriptions. A robot doctor who does not have any human error would be more preferred by patients and you can easily expect hospitals full of these doctor robots.

5- Teachers


A digital robot to replace teachers would be something that would entirely revolutionize teaching. Besides, he would not get annoyed if you ask him too many questions.

6- Accountants

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Again the lack of any human error in robots would more likely replace human accountants. There will be a lack of empathy, emotions and more unlikely chances of manipulating the robot to extend deadlines, so watch out!

7- Firefighters


He will not worry a bit about risking himself to save a human life. This is the best job for a robot to do.

8- Telemarketer

unknown analyst

Very soon you would be yelling at a robot who would call you for telemarketing purposes. It will be okay to take all your anger out without any possible guilt. Cheers to this idea!

9- Artists


This is starting to get a bit uncanny; but give it a thought, few years down the road we could be attending exhibitions of talented robots.

10- Drivers


How good is a driver who gets you late at certain places when you are in a hurry? A robotic driver can also avoid accidents on the road.

11- Cashier


Well, this looks interesting.

12- Financial Traders


Stock market needs some good human nerves to deal with, but robots have the capability to store enough data which would help them make the right choice.

13- Attorneys


Get ready for free and fair decisions of your cases. Not only would the robot remember all the details of your case but would also give very unbiased decisions.

14- Umpires or Refree


Gone are the days when you could easily blame the umpire or referee because he was biased and he got you out intentionally; because robots cannot go wrong.

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