Here Are 11 Funny Hacks When People Are Running On A Tight Budget

Engineering Budgetary control2

How many times at jobs or term projects are you out of money? You are told to make a budget project instead of what you had in mind. In sheer frustration, you have to proceed with a scaled down project and remain disgruntled long after that. These budget cuts are everywhere from our health insurance plans to office safety equipment. But, engineers are adept learners and they get used to these annoying requirements with a little bit of ridiculous skullduggery that ranges from genius to cheeky.

Here are some of the things engineers do when asked for budget measures:

1. Fire Extinguishers

Engineering Budgetary control

When there is no money to service the existing fire extinguishers.

2. Coolest Rims Ever

Engineering Budgetary control2

No money for those hot rims? You could draw them out!


3. Budget Selfie Stand

Engineering Budgetary control3

One badass selfiest we have got here!

4. The Best Car Mount for you Smartphone

Engineering Budgetary control4

Sometimes one rubber band is all it takes to end all of your problems!

5. The Quickest Form of Transportation.

Engineering Budgetary control

Somebody knows how to use the wind to his advantage.

6. Live jump Rope

Engineering Budgetary control7

No jump rope at P.T? No worries. Pick the slimmest girl and use her like this!

7. Fairy on a Christmas Tree

Engineering Budgetary control5

That’s the Ugliest Fairy Ever

8. Convert your Laptop into a Mac

Engineering Budgetary control6

This never gets old!

9. We’re paying just for the logo, right? So draw it yourself.

Engineering Budgetary control7

10. World’s only indoor landfill

Engineering Budgetary control8

Yeah hard to see the reason behind its existence. Why not name it a dustbin?

11. Budget Piano

Engineering Budgetary control9

These lessons could come really cheap. Bad thing you can only learn 5 tunes in all.


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