Here Are 10 Mind Blowing Facts about US President’s Airforce One That You Did Not Know Before

air force 1 facts

Medical Treatment Overloaded: If any passenger for that matter is injured or sick before boarding the plane, Air Force One flies an entire medical suite including doctors, an operating room and everything in between.

Fancy A Haircut? President Bill Clinton first took this liberty, when in 1993, he got a haircut on Air Force One as he kept other flights on LAX waiting until he was satisfied with his pompadour.

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It’s A Three Levels Structure Covering 4,000 Square Feet.The President has all the space in the world to stretch his legs in the triple decker 4000 square feet giant soaring through the skies.

It’s Accompanied by a 747 “Doomsday Plane”. The plane is designed to remain in the sky for days given some extraordinary events such as a zombie apocalypse, meteor strike, or even nuclear warfare. It also flies with the Air Force One as a major backup.

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It Can Go 650 Miles Per Hour. Despite all its luxuries and lavish interior, the plane can go around 580 miles per hour with the top speed of 650 mph.

It Costs $56K an Hour to Operate. Air Force 1 costs a whopping $56,000 per hour to operate, one of the main reasons why Donald Trump is looking to abandon using it. The plane can also carry 26 crew members and 70 passengers at one time, taking the total to 96. 

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It Entails Two Kitchens. No, not the kind on our planes where the stewardess can barely grab a mini-Coke out of the fridge. The Air Force One has two full-sized kitchens that can serve hearty meals 100 people.

The Plane Also Served As A Spy Plane In 1959: During the Cold War frenzy, CIA director Allen Dulles turned Air Force One into a spy plane, with all sorts of cameras and voice recorders. Reportedly, some of the cameras were so powerful they could read license plates from 29,000 feet above.

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It’s a Mobile Command Center During Terrorist Attacks. After 9/11, Air Force One has been equipped with gizmos that can turn it into a flying command centre and a makeshift office for the President in case the White House isn’t safe.

It Gets Priority Over All Other Air Traffic. When the Air Force One takes off, all other planes are halted, so AF1 pilots don’t have to worry about any kind of air traffic. Usually, the plane lands and takes off from military airports, so it doesn’t bother the air traffic every time.

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