Here Are 10 Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know


Lazy people are often unfairly characterized by being “boring”, “irresponsible” and “unsuccessful”. But, in words of Bill Gates, “I will always choose a lazy person for a hard job because he will find an easy way to do it”. These people listed below are this kind of lazy. The solutions they came up for sticking to their lazy lifestyles¬†are nothing short of genius. Here are ten of these unsung heroes rocking on in their lethargic, yet innovative ways:

1. Can’t Hold the Cell Phone For Long? No problem.


You can watch a lengthy movie or TV show on your smartphone while in your favourite lying down position.

2. Keeping you Dish Ice-free


Putting De-icer in a water gun and squirting it on the dish! Who would have though of that?

3. It is Still a Working Razor


No Gripper, no problem. The razor is never done until the blade housing is damaged.

4. Traveling Made Easy


Stuck in Long travels and weight of cell phone bearing down? Try this

5. Using Showers for Watering in-house Garden


For those of you who like greenery, but hate to water.

6. Never get up from the bed!


Tilt the screen. Getting up is a bad omen man!

7. It will take months to fill that


This kid was seriously tired of collecting pencil shavings.

8. Drive and Walk the Dog


Don’t walk the dog and drive.

9. Popcorn at Work


Wearing hoodies backwards will yield this popcorn bag for you!

10. Got upper bunk bed? No problem!


Height can be a serious advantage. Don’t you see?

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