Head Of NASA Says There Are Holes In The Roof Of Spacecraft Lab

The Head of NASA suspects that there are holes in the roof of the Spacecraft developing Lab.

“They have got holes in the roof where they are putting together the core of the Space Launch System.”

The new leader of NASA has asked for an additional $11 billion to bring Americans back onto the surface of the Moon by 2024.

Bill Nelson, the new head of NASA met with Congress this week for the additional funds. His remarks included that the Michoud Assembly Facility where NASA is developing its heavy-lift space launch system contains holes in the roof.

“They’ve got holes in the roof where they’re putting together the core of the SLS,” he said, according to SpaceNews. “You all can really, really help us.”

The facility is an enormous complex in New Orleans and has helped NASA in developing projects including the iconic Saturn V rockets and the Space Shuttle program.

It remains unclear as to what damage the new head of NASA was specifically stating off, however, the facility has barred several damages over the course of time. The damage-causing incidents include Hurricane Katrina and a recent hurricane after which holes were seen in the roof of the facility.

“You could see it come in the parking lot,” Stephen Doering, a NASA employee working on SLS, told the Washington Post at the time. “It took about a half a dozen cars and picked them up and knocked them over like rag dolls.”

However, it remains not so sure as to where did the holes come from. But to say that the new head of NASA has got some skills in storytelling when it comes to gain more funds would be a true statement.

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