HD Ultra slow motion Images and Wallpapers Free Download

slow motion 5

For free download, here are ultra slow motion images which you can use as wallpapers and backgrounds. These slow motion wallpapers are taken from extremely high speed cameras which go as high as 5000 fps. To download any slow motion picture, simply click on it.

Ultra slow motion wallpapers and images are meant to show the phases of an object before during and after the motion takes place. Sometimes, a single photograph shows the entire transition period. These ultra slow motion wallpapers are an outcome of extremely high speed cameras going as high as 5000 fps. Its like taking the shot in the millionth second of the motion and the fun part is that all of these wallpapers are in high definition quality which means you get to observe the minute most detail of the motion that takes place.

For some people, the curiosity behind what exactly happens during a high speed motion and the minute details involved in the process is what matters  and they can not have a brief overview of the situation because the motion is too damn fast for a human eye to view. That can happen only if we, in the millionth second, could stop the time or motion and note the details. But time stops for nobody. Thank goodness for science and technology to provide us with the best gadgets to capture the motion and note every possible detail.

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slow motion 1 slow motion 2 slow motion 3 slow motion 4 slow motion 5 slow motion 6 slow motion 7 slow motion 8 Original Title: Sneeze_73bj.jpg slow motion 10 slow motion 11 slow motion 12 slow motion 13 slow motion 14 slow motion 15 slow motion 16 slow motion 17 slow motion 18 slow motion 20 slow motion 21 Efffect of shutter speed slow motion 23 slow motion 24 slow motion 25 slow motion 26 slow motion 27 slow motion 28 slow motion 29 slow motion 30 slow motion 31 slow motion slow motion

Ultra slow motion wallpapers are not just limited to the people who want to observe minute details but for every type of audience who would want to sit back and relax while having a look at their tablets, desktops and laptops. They are actually quiet playful sort of slow motion wallpapers.

All ultra slow wallpapers from this collection are easily downloadable!


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