Hawking’s Last Book Refutes The Idea Of God But Concedes That “Intelligent Life forms” Exist

Stephen Hawking’s final book got published on 16th October this year and it reiterated Hawking’s beliefs regarding the existence of a higher power watching over us.

Hawking’s book titled Brief Answers to The Big Questions was completed by Hawking’s family after his death this year and ponders over a number of thought-provoking topics like “how did it all begin?”

Brief answers to Big questions is a compilation of Hawking’s notes, speeches and answers

Most notably, the book begins with the question “Is there a God?” The late physicist was one of the most renowned atheists and his answer to this question clearly reflects this. He categorically states that a God does not exist while also qualifying it with these words:

“I do not want to give the impression that my work is about proving or disproving the existence of God.”

He does talk about intelligent life-forms though

“There are forms of intelligent life out there. We need to be wary of answering back until we have developed a bit further.”
Hawking was a famous Athiest while he was alive

The book does not come off as a surprise as Hawking had been very vocal about his views regarding God’s existence even while he was alive. The book is simply a collection of his notes, speeches, essays and responses pieced together by collaboration with his colleagues and family – so it naturally reflects his views.

Check it out!

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