Have Your Sandwiches Like An Engineer With These Amazing Sandwich Hacks


Sandwich is the first thing that comes to our mind when we want to have a healthy snack instantly. But having the same sandwich every day makes it really boring.  Even when you are trying new things with your sandwich, there are additional problems like the tomatoes that make the bread moist, the cheese that wont melt and meat that slips out of the sandwich.

A few hacks in this post might be the solution to all your sandwich woes, check these out.

One way of getting rid of your soggy sandwich is to place a paper towel and dab the sandwiches before you actually put them between the slices.


Craving a bacon, lattice and tomato sandwich? Here is one arrangement which will ensure you get maximum bacon in each of your bite.


One tasty way of making your mayonnaise at home is to add one cup of olive oil to one cup of mayo; squeeze a lemon,  an egg, a pinch of black pepper and salt together and it is all good to go.


In order to chop off the sides of a sandwich to make it crustless, use a pizza cutter .

Edu Oliveros

Left over mac and cheese makes a really tasty grilled sandwich.


Want one side of your slices crispy and the other soft?  Put two pieces in the toaster, at once.


In order to achieve perfect, unbreakable tortillas for wrapping up, use a grill to heat them up for 10 seconds.

flat bread

Are you upset at the fact that all your fillings fall out of the baguette sandwich? Only cut 3/4th of the sandwich or else all of your fillings would fall out.



For giving your sandwich a grilled effect, you must wrap it in aluminium foil and press a warm iron over it to enjoy the taste of a grilled sandwich.


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can be made more interesting by warming them in a skillet. The different melted taste will never make you bored of peanut butter .


Save your time and instead of cutting these cherry tomatoes, crush them by placing a plate over them and applying some pressure.


Are you sick of sharing your mouth watering lunch with people?  Here is a trick with which people will automatically say no once they take a look at it. The stained plastic bags will ensure the safety of your lunch. 


These simple hacks will make your sandwiches more tasty and some of the tips are really genius. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments about the hack that you found most useful.

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