Have You Ever Wondered If You Can Buy A 747 For Yourself? Here’s The Answer

747 to buy

Someone on Quora asked if they can purchase a 747 and a quoran named, George Zaharoff, answered to the question in detail. If you are looking for the same answer than the first thing you need to know is that yes, you can buy one either used or directly from airlines or broker companies. It is similar to going to a car dealership to purchase a car. You can go to airplane manufacturer and buy any aircraft, which includes a 747. This is usually done at the airshows as well.

Unlike other dealership where you get the financing done at the moment, for a plane, you place your order before these airshows where you negotiate the price, terms, financing before time. During the airshow, usually, a formal announcement is made. Many airlines have been retiring their 747 fleets and replaced them with more fuel-efficient twin-engine Boeing 777s and Airbus A350s. Airbus offers the much bigger A380s. Few brokers can find the right 747 for a person’s specific needs.

Following are some pictures which were taken from the current sales booklets offered by Boeing for those in the market for a 787 or 777. There is also one for the 747 which might help you find some useful information.

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