Harman Introduces Personal Music Listening Zones In Cars


We often run into arguments over music during road trips. At the 2015 International CES, audio manufacturer Harman made an announcement that could save you from this bickering experience ever again.Harman Introduces Individual Sound Zones at CES 2015

The brand revealed a new technology called “Individual Sound Zones” (ISZ) that ‘reduces unwanted noise while enhancing and personalizing the sounds that passengers want to hear.’ The system creates separate listening zones inside a cabin by placing small speakers in the headrests as well as directly above the occupant’s head. Upgraded signal processing works to eliminate crosstalk between sections. Each zone features independent volume controls, and interruptions like navigation prompts and phone calls are routed only to the driver’s position. Harman Introduces Individual Sound Zones at CES 2015 2

ISZ is an innovative acoustic design and complementary digital signal processing that maximizes speaker directivity and minimizes crosstalk in and between the zones in a vehicle. ISZ utilizes a vehicle’s existing audio system speakers with the addition of headrest speakers equipped with micro speaker technology. ISZ can’t cancel out all sound signals for safety reasons, but by customizing the passenger zones, Harman’s system reduces sonic clutter for an experience that the company calls ‘the ultimate personalized car audio experience.’Harman Introduces Individual Sound Zones at CES 2015 4

Individual Sound Zones can be integrated into any Harman in-car audio system via the amplifier, providing automakers limitless possibilities to further enhance in-car listening experiences. It is available now to all automakers. Had you ever thought such an audio system could be made?

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